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Campaign film calling for the right to leave a lesson when menstruating; end of poverty in period education; increased youth voice in decision making around periods in schools, and a positive period culture in schools RED Talks Logo 2.0


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Share our film, in schools and with friends, we would like to as many people as possible to see the film and then ask for their school or college for extra education within schools on the topic of menstruation.

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Journal Entry 1

Our campaign is all about education, specifically education on menstruation, one of the ways we can become more educated on our own bodies and therefore have the confidence to speak up is by talking about it!


For our Launch day at City Academy we ran sessions with Year 9 girls to answer questions that they may have about their menstrual cycle and periods but were too afraid to ask. 


Here are the questions and answers to those questions. 

Ask it basket – Q & A

Is it bad that your period lasts a week/is it normal to be on your period for over a week? Periods usually last up to 7 days but can change due to factors such as stress, contraception, pregnancy etc. If you have a period that lasts longer than 7 days go and see a doctor and discuss this with them.

Why does your tummy hurt? The muscles in your womb tighten (contract) to help shed the lining of your uterus (having a period) which causes cramps and stomach pains.

Can you have a child if you don’t get your period? Yes, if your periods are irregular or you haven’t started your periods yet because you may still ovulate (release an egg) without realising.

Is it normal to miss a month? There are lots of reasons you can be late or miss a month of your period including your body getting used to having a period, nutrition, stress, exercise, pregnancy etc. If you are worried that you have missed a month of your period please consult your doctor.

Is it normal for your period to be all over the place/how long does it take for a period to become regular? When you start your periods they may be irregular as your menstrual cycle might be changing and adjusting to suit your body as everybody is different. It can take up to 6 years after you start your periods for them to become regular.

At what age should you get your period? People usually get their periods between the ages of 8-16. Most young people start around the age of 12 but there is no ‘normal’ age to start. It all depends on your body.

How long does the pain last? Period pain usually lasts between 48-72 hours and can begin before your periods start during PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome – emotional and/or physical symptoms an individual can get in the days and weeks before a period is due) . It all depends on the individual person.

Why are sanitary products not free? They are called ‘luxuries’ instead of essentials so an added tax is put onto them which then makes them more expensive. This is known as the Tampon Tax.

Journal Entry 2

 We also created an 'info-sheet' for our teachers and staff at the school to illustrate how our scheme works and how it might be implemented

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Journal Entry 3

We wanted to show you our early storyboard so you can get an idea of how we started trying to tell our story and come up with a solution to our issue.

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